Page Flip Newsletter Design High impact, content rich 3D page flip newsletter design Sample Newsletters Click a cover below to launch a web preview Newsletter Types Newsletters are usually defined by 2 types. Click a link below for further information. Our Service 3D Page Flip Newsletters - Thinking outside of the HTML box We strongly believe that email newsletters are still the best way to stay in touch with your clients or  members. The way in which you send your email newsletters probably hasn’t changed that much in a  long time. This is because you were limited in the way you present your newsletter or e-bulletin -  HTML or PDF. It’s all about content and how the content is presented. HTML based newsletter design has inherent  design limitations which means you often find that your newsletter isn’t reaching it’s full potential.    Our expertise in eBrochure design has helped us to think ‘outside’ the HTML and PDF box and create  a new method of creating and viewing newsletters. Our flash based 3D page flip newsletters require  no special viewing software and you don’t need to change the way in which you distribute your  newsletters.     High Impact - Familiar Format The page flip format is something we are all used to and provides an easy reading experience. Our 3D page flip newsletter design service takes your newsletter content to a new level. Page by page  information with high quality graphics and much more.   Because our 3D page flip newsletters don’t have the design limitations of HTML we can create  newsletter solutions which provide so much more impact, increased information content and advanced features as standard making your newsletter far more readable and appealing to your audience.  Larger images for instant impact, more text providing more detailed information, expandable key  content areas and even multimedia make a 3D page flip newsletter the ultimate relationship  management tool that your recipients will look forward to receiving.     Please click the links in the right side bar for further information about newsletters and our page flip newsletter design service. © 2010 All rights reserved