Sponsorship Helping your marketing budget go further Free, high quality design services Enjoy all the high impact, easy to read benefits of our page flip newsletter design services for free. How does newsletter and eBrochure sponsorship work? Our sponsorship design services are geared mainly towards on-going page flip newsletter design services but can occasionally also be applied to eBrochure design services. Sponsorship can pay in part or in full for the initial and on-going design costs of your page flip newsletters. If your business targets a specific product, service or community and the number of email subscribers is fairly large then we can try to obtain sponsorship from companies in your area or in a complimentary business field. This method of sponsorship not only helps your business (you can qualify for high impact page flip newsletters design services for free) but also other businesses too who can benefit from targeted advertising. Sponsorship companies are carefully chosen to ensure no conflict of business interests will occur. Unlike HTML newsletters where a sponsored message has to be brief our page flip newsletter sponsorship messages can include much more information without taking up more space. We cleverly design sponsorship messages into expandable content areas for ease of use and maximum advertising space.   Which type of business qualifies for free (sponsored) design services? Community page flip newsletters, member page flip newsletters, travel and tourism page flip newsletters are just a few industries that can benefit from our free (sponsored) page flip newsletter design services. For example, a community church newsletter could include sponsored information on local businesses, this provides the local business with much needed targeted adversing to the local community at a fraction of the cost of other advertising methods. A local chamber of commerce page flip newsletter could allow a ‘spotlight business’ sponsored listing on a regular basis. A specialist travel operator could allow sponsored listings for travel related products. These are just examples of how your business could qualify and benefit from sponsored page flip newsletter design.     Please contact us for further information on our free design services. © www.pageflipdesign.com 2010 All rights reserved Contact Us